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What We Do

Our company maximizes the value of used iPads, Chromebooks, MacBooks, & more!



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Asset Recovery

We uniquely purchase devices from consumers and refurbish and repair in-house, allowing customers to replenish their IT budget. 


Repair & Refurbishing

We have an in-house repair infrastructure & high quality refurbishing capabilities allowing us to expertly process return the value back in used or old technology.

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We have developed solid remarketing channels across the globe so we are able to procure more devices and maximize our recovery.





Our Partners

We help organizations leverage their current customers (schools or organizations) and equipment to increase their revenue streams. Our partners include MSPs, IT Service Providers, Reseller, VARS, IT, Leasing, Consultants, & IT Collection Companies.



How We Can Partner



Device Buyback or Trade-In

Offer your customers more by adding buyback/trade-in to your service offerings. When you work with us, we assist you in becoming a full-service solution provider for your clientele and allow them to recoup their IT budget by selling their old, used, or excess devices. 

We can even white-label buyback quotes with your company brand!


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NEW! Safe Device Return Program 

As a partner, we can offer your customers a safe and quick way to return their devices. This program includes:

  • Collection

  • Data Wiping

  • Inventory Report

  • Functional Testing

  • Sanitation

  • Fair Market Value Assessment


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Our Guarantee

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Quick Pricing

With a dedicated team, we have the ability to move fast and lock down our pricing in 24-48 hours. Full payout can be expected within 30-45 days of receipt of materials.

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Maximum ROI

With our diverse remarketing channels, we ensure competitive pricing for your customers. This results in your customers recovering more for their IT assets, which allows for future investment in technology services and equipment.

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From quoting to pickups, we have the expertise to manage all asset recovery logistics for you. We have the ability to handle diverse product types, in varying quantities, spanning the entire country.




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